The Roy Knight Singers began a ministry for the Lord in song in 1970. The main focus of the ministry as well as it's members is to save souls for the kingdom of God by ministering in music, testimony, and song. The belief in Jesus Christ and Him crucified is the anchor of their message. God has richly blessed their ministry through the years with an anointed song and a transparency to display Jesus Christ in all aspects of life. Every member of this ministry whether present or past has a desire to serve the Lord in every way feasible.

Sandy Knight has been blessed in writing numerous songs recorded in the Southern Gospel music industry for over 20 years. Response to Sandy's writings in and out of the industry have offered several number 1 songs as well as "Song of the Year" in 1991 with "Somebody Touched the Lord" and "Song of the Year" in 2002 with "I'll Not Turn My Back On Him Now". Groups such as Gold City, The Hoppers, The Kingsmen, The Freemans, Perfect Heart, Jeff and Sherri Easter, Brian Free and Assurance, Karen Peck and New River, Ivan Parker, and The Inspirations have ministered to thousands with Sandy's message in music.

Currently, the Roy Knight Singers are composed of Roy and Sandy Knight, Tracie and Rodney Birch, and Michael Chambers. The ministry has been blessed with Roy and Sandy's youngest daughter Jena. Roy and Sandy are also blessed with two grandchildren, Alex and Annah Birch.

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